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“It is with great sincerity that my wife Holly and I extend a hearty congratulations for a job extremely well done to American Solar Fund engineers, crew and staff. During the whole job process your engineers, installers, and sales and customer service representatives have represented your company with the highest level of professionalism and dedication to the their work. They treated my home, including my clay tile roof, with utmost respect and left everything better than they found it.  We are proud to now be in partnership with a fine local company, generating our own power and using the best American made panels.” – Scott and Holly

Did you know you can buy solar with no money down and no credit? Why not get the best for your home? You’ve already paid for it! American Solar Fund is committed to showing you how

I’m Michael McClure, the Solar Information Guy.

I grew up here in San Diego, went to Coronado High School and live in Pacific Beach with my wife and 9 year old son. A lot of our neighbors think that solar is too complicated or expensive, yet San Diego and Southern California are installing more solar than any other regions in the world. Why is that? Because we have the highest utility costs in the United States, and the electric rates are going up dramatically RIGHT NOW. There are some new state and federal programs that make it possible for most of us (even those of us with no money and bad credit) to buy solar, thus making the house more comfortable and valuable and saving us money. I think a lot of people are confused by all of the sales hype that we hear about solar each day. If you want to get the straight information without any sales hype, please give me a call. Yes, I answer my own phone. You will see my cell number on the contact us page.

Warmest Regards, Michael

In a market where solar contractors are going out of business on a daily basis and there is no quality control for materials or labor – ASF gives homeowners peace of mind

  • ASF sells and installs only the best solar equipment in the industry – so you avoid future problems
  • ASF provides grants and arranges all government rebates and incentives – so you save money
  • ASF gives a lifetime warranty where 10 years is typical – so you get peace of mind

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American Solar Fund was established to give peace of mind to homeowners. ASF solves some of the biggest problems in the solar industry today:

  • low quality equipment
  • overpriced systems
  • poor leases and improper financing
  • shoddy workmanship and engineering
  • warranties not being serviced

ASF only funds solar panels and inverters with 25 year or longer manufacturer warranties. ASF provides an extended labor warranty to match or exceed the equipment manufacturer’s warranty (even if the installing contractor goes out of business.) You get peace of mind.

For every solar power plant installed with an ASF warranty, a percentage of the sale is placed in a fund used to repair your system for life. ASF continues to monitor all system performance and the quality of solar installations. If an American Solar Fund warranty is issued the homeowner is guaranteed the highest quality panels, inverters and engineering.

Don’t get solar before you check with the American Solar Fund. American Solar Fund = Peace of Mind

Click here to Email us today for more information or call 1-858-771-6273